Plastic Disposal Solutions

We provide cost effective solutions for large scale ‘end-of-life’ plastic waste disposal. Our plastic pyrolysis plants recycle more than 100 tons per day of end-of-life plastic waste into fuels and petrochemicals.

We take  following approach for suggesting disposal solutions for plastic waste:

1. Study Plastic Waste Characteristic: Energy content, Moisture content, Source, Elemental analysis & Quantity/Month.

We have characteristics database for most of the commonly generated industrial & post consumer plastic wastes. If your plastic waste is not similar to any of the plastic wastes handled by us earlier, we ask you to send your plastic waste to laboratory for testing.

2. Technology Selection: We employ various technologies for creating value from plastic waste. These technologies include:

  • Plastic waste to fuel oil technologies including pyrolysis and hydrolysis
  • Input material handling / treatment methods including shredding and drying
  • High quality product manufacturing technologies such as fractional distillation to produce petrol, diesel etc. and high quality grease / lubrication production technologies
  • Energy recovery and energy generation technologies
  • Waste water treatment and air scrubbing technologies

For more information about these technologies, please click here.

3. Conduct Pilot Plant Trials: We have state of the art pilot plant facilities for conducting pilot plant trials of the selected technologies. The purpose of Pilot Plant Trials is to identify any “make or break” issues that would prevent your plastic disposal project from being successful. Pilot Plant Trials study quantifies prerequisite necessary for the successful plastic waste disposal project. Data established during pilot plant trials is useful for: (1) Calculating techno-economic viability of plastic waste disposal/chemical-recycling based on pilot trials (2) Confirming that the proposed solutions are in line with your requirement and environmental complaisance goals.

Once pilot plant trials are concluded, we will help you with installation of large scale plant setup fro plastic disposal.

4. Large scale plant setup: We design, manufacture, commission and operate large scale plastic waste disposal plants. We have set up more than 35 plants in countries including UK, India, Kenya, UAE etc.

Given below is the typical mass balance involved in chemical recycling of plastic waste:

Agile Process LLP is your partner for sustainable plastic waste management wordlwide. Would you like us to support you with your plastic disposal projects? We are looking forward to your enquiry.